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Podiatrist Bundall

Helping the Gold Coast have healthy feet to live a better life, since 1967.

The best possible outcomes for patients.


 The Podiatrists at Southport Podiatry Clinic are the foot health experts - providing the best foot care on the Gold Coast to help you have healthy feet and enjoy life. Our Podiatrists diagnose problems using the most up-to-date assessment methods to develop individual treatment and management plans that are effective for all patients.

 If you are referred to Southport Podiatry Clinic, we will work alongside your medical & allied health practitioners to ensure you receive a comprehensive treatment plan.

Do you suffer from ....


  • Ongoing pain in your foot, ankle, knee or legs?

  • Blisters or sores on your feet?

  • Uneven shoe wear or your walk has changed / are tripping more frequently?

  • A rash, scales, hardness, cracks or peeling skin on your feet?

  • Diabetes or arthritis?

  • Limited movement and can't reach your feet?

.... then you should see a Podiatrist!
Foot Pain
Our Podiatrists provide the best foot care for every day problems like:


  • Foot, ankle, knee and leg pain

  • Corns & Calluses (hard skin)

  • Bunions

  • Diabetic complications

  • Fungal & ingrown toenails

  • Shoe discomfort

  • and many other foot conditions.

We proactively manage lower limb conditions using:


  • Biomechanical assessments

  • Foot mobilsation therapies

  • Custom & pre-fabricated orthoses

  • Trigger point dry-needling

  • Patient self-release techniques

  • Exercise prescription

  • and other podiatric techniques.

We offer Diabetic Assessments and other treatments through Medicare, including services for DVA clients. At Southport Podiatry Clinic we use the HICAPS system, which allows you to automatically claim from your private health insurance, and pay only the difference (refer to Billing page for more information). 

Did you know Southport Podiatry Clinic has been treating the Gold Coast since 1967? 

            Find out more about Southport Podiatry Clinic here.

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